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A level 3 REPS qualified trainer, ABA non-contact boxing tutor with CPDs in First Aid and Behaviour Change, Enrichment Award in Boxing 2008 and 16 years of experience in coaching. He specialises in Muay Thai.

Ching in his own words:

“I started martial arts training when I was 14 year old and tried a number of disciplines: jujitsu, boxing, Hapkido, Krav Maga and Muay Thai. I have developed a special appreciation of Muay Thai, also knows as “the art of eight limbs” as it involves combinations using punches, kicks, elbows and knees.

I am responsible for the Muay Thai department at Glove Up. I have been with Glove since it first opened and I have been teaching Muay Thai all levels classes, advanced classes as well as women only classes. I have also trained people who compete in fights making sure they are well prepared and ready to face their opponents in the ring.

I also run the kids and teenage classes at Glove Up as I believe Muay Thai is especially beneficial for this age group as it teaches discipline and relieves stress.

Kettlebell and strength and conditioning sessions are my favourite too. You never hear about athletes with weak bodies. Strength training can really make a difference and gives your body shape. It is also a great way to burn calories”.