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Co-founder and operations director of Glove Up. Marta is responsible for managing the gym, admin, finances and marketing. She loves boxing and is also a qualified Iyengar yoga instructor.

Marta in her own words:  

"I believe that boxing is a sport in which you can never give up. If you do, you get knocked out - it’s as simple as that. In life the principal is the same - you can’t allow yourself to give up. Regardless of how many times you get knocked down, you have to force yourself back up, and you have to believe that you have the mental fortitude to keep going. In a boxing match the thing that impresses us most, the thing that supersedes everything else, is when we witness the determination and stubbornness of a fighter who keeps climbing back up off the canvas, and continues pushing forward in search of victory, regardless of what is thrown his way. This is attitude, nothing else.
It is this refusal to give up and be defeated that exemplifies Glove Up. At Glove Up the belief is that “attitude is everything. It’s not about taking part in a boxing competition. It’s about training hard and stepping out of the comfort zone. It’s about setting goals and getting results".