An ex professional boxer who created the whole vision and philosophy behind Glove Up. Opening his own gym was Martin's lifelong dream. He used to say: "I’ve experienced some very personal tragedies in my life, and although I’ve been down many, many times - mentally, emotionally and occasionally physically, I’ve never been out. There is always a voice that encourages me to get back up and keep going". Never giving up, after a long and bumpy road, he achieved his dream and Glove Up Gym doors opened on 26th August 2014. Tragically on Thursday, 5th February 2015 Martin passed away, but his legacy lives on. Together with the fantastic team of trainers, we continue growing Martin's legacy and we are working very hard to make Glove Up the best  gym out there. After all, attitude is everything.


Some of our favourites

Alison, 29 years old, Retail Manager

"Boxing is the best all round workout I have ever done.  I used to hate going to the gym, but now that I am learning a skill and have goals to train towards I genuinely enjoy working out as I am seeing real progress each week. They train you hard at Glove Up, but it is great fun so you don’t notice – well most of the time!"

Kate, 38 years old, Advertising Exec & Mum

"I Felt pretty nervous before my first class, but the Glove Up team was so welcoming and encouraging that I soon forgot my nerves and really enjoyed myself. I have discovered that I love punching! It’s really empowering as a woman to be able to punch hard and feel so strong.  I’m so much happier in myself since joining. I’m proud to say ‘I box’ – and proper boxing too not just boxercise!"

Abbie, 42 years old, Linguist

"I have been a member of Glove Up since before the doors were even
officially open and I moved a few doors down just so I could have better
access and more concentrated training at the gym. Not only did boxing
ignite a fire in me like nothing else has, Glove Up itself is way more
than just a gym!"

Jeremie, 27 years old, Graphic Designer

"Where to start - Glove Up is like a big family, our big family and the best of all is that anybody is welcome to join at anytime, just make sure you keep training!"